Supported Platforms

Flame runs on top of Flutter, so its supported platforms depend on how mature/stable support for each platform is by Flutter.

At the moment, mobile has full support, and we try to keep supporting web the best we can.

Flutter channels

Flame keeps it support on the stable and beta channel, dev and master channel should work, but we don't support them. This mean that issues happening outside stable or beta channel, are not a priority.

Flame web

To use Flame on web you need to be on the beta channel of Flutter and the game should be running using skia rendering, otherwise weird side effects may happen.

To run your game using skia in release mode, use the following command:

$ flutter run -d Chrome --release --dart-define=FLUTTER_WEB_USE_SKIA=true

To run with skia on debug mode, just start the project using the conventional command:

$ flutter run -d Chrome

And when the app starts and the debug is setup, press the k key. That will enable the CanvasKit mode.

To build the game for production, using skia, use the following:

$ flutter build web --release --dart-define=FLUTTER_WEB_USE_SKIA=true

Experimental support

Support on web, even on the Flame side is still experimental, and some methods may not work, for example Flame.util.setOrientation or Flame.util.fullScreen don't work on web, they can be called, but nothing will happen.

Another example, pre caching audio using also don't work due to Audioplayers not supporting it on web. This can ben workarounded by using the http package, and requesting a get to the audiofile, that will make the browser cache the file prodcing the same effect seem on mobile.